9 comments on “Top 3 Tracks of 2015

  1. My top 3 tracks:
    1. Alek Szahala – Fuji
    2. Nomic – Human Race Pt. II
    3. Hatsune Miku – Senbonzakura(GULD remix)

    Honorable mentions:
    Cosmic Gate – Human Beings (Substanced Bootleg)
    Seileen – Lamento della Sirena(GULD Remix) [2015 ver]
    Transcend – Eons (Substanced remix)

  2. So many to choose from…gonna stick with things new & released in 2015, as awesome as Alek’s Fuji and Avalanche are.

    Top 3 2015(new tracks):
    1. U-F SEQUENCER – Stab Your Emotion (Extended Mix)
    2. 初音ミク – 千本桜(GULD Remix)
    3. SHIRIA@ – Air Diver’z

    Honorable mentions:
    JD – KiD&Arun – Excelsior
    U-F SEQUENCER – No Trust,Walk Alone
    Le Dos-on – Rising Sun (and Corryvreckan)

  3. Transcend & Cyrax – Sunset Rainbow (M​-​Project remix)
    Qygen – Kaoru Kimura no Densetsu (Tribute to Betwixt & Between) [Alt. Version]
    Alek Szahala – Dryad Machine (GULD Remix)

  4. 1. Erkenfresh – Nebula Spark
    2. Epyx and Cyrez meets Heathen – All of us
    3. B.R.K – Life=Cruelty

    Slightly disappointed that alek’s railgun and substanced new album weren’t released, but there were plenty other releases to enjoy.

  5. I spent over half of the year travelling, so my finger possibly didn’t rest on the pulse as much as in previous years.

    1) Alek Szahala – Avalanche
    2) Transcend – Perceptions
    3) Substanced – Juggernaut

  6. I would gladly add unreleased stuff to my top, but I do not know their exact name so….

    1. BRK & GULD – Summoning Fear ( Neo Tokyo Hard Mix)
    2. Zovi – Thorns of the Sorority
    3. Yuki Kajiura – Nowhere (Le Dos-on Bootleg)

    Looking forward to 2016 releases!

  7. In all honesty, I don’t know this year’s freeform too well. I’m gonna go with these.

    1. Sherkel – 三位一体の物語
    2. Sherkel – Tuleminen Segundo
    3. Sherkel – Charovakora

  8. Great lists, thanks everyone. Looks like we’re all pretty much on the same page!

    And some quality GULD-style self promotion there Sherkel – good to see more freeform production 🙂

  9. It only works so well when I haven’t posted any of the current versions yet, but soon enough I’m sure I’ll be making use of them. 😉

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