2 comments on “Sherkel – Yarai

  1. Oh my goodness! At last! Maybe I should consider posting the January update in full, especially seeing as this is here now…I wish I knew what else to say after all the walls of text I’ve bombarded you with other than thanks! The Mousetrap isn’t quite at FINRG level yet, but I’m still hoping on that being the gateway to more releases. If not, though, the time is still near for at least some of that back catalogue to make its way into the open, for the sake of this site and the styles it promotes if nothing else. I have been playing with some track connections too, specifically trying to see how some of those minor second modulations could fit in with the right BPM/pitch changes, so another mixed set is a possibility.

    Stay tuned for more!

    • Sounds very promising – and sorry this took so long, even if the timing looks to have synched nicely in the end. Will update the post with the January version!

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