6 comments on “Substanced – Science Fiction Vol 1

  1. Quite honestly I might have overlooked this release if not for this post, but as it turns out the point about Blue Remembered Earth does prove reassuring.

    (Hoping the Cyrez album, UFS EPs, and possibly Morita and Neoform’s collab are on that backlog…)

    (Please say whatever delayed the stream and posts since this wasn’t…too catastrophic…)

    • Nothing *too* catastrophic! Just things that have kept me away from the Way of the Horse for a while, once again.

      All the releases you mentioned were supposed to be up here by now. I’ll get on it ASAP!

  2. Hello!I asked this same question to your facebook account, but i figured i’d try my chance at commenting here aswell, since there may be a higher chance that you (or anybody with the video) will see it.
    I was wondering, do you happen to have a video liveset of the late great Betwixt & Between, kaoru kimura that had been posted on youtube?
    It was the full set, and the only live performance i ever found of his.
    Regrettably, i did not save it >.<
    Thank you (for the horse :p)

    • Hi nickokapo, and many apologies for the delay here! Sorry for the lack of reply on facebook too, I’m planning to move away from it sooner rather than later and haven’t kept track of things in the meantime.

      Re the question, I think I have a video file of that (Tokyo CASE?) set somewhere…unfortunately I’m away from home right now and don’t have it to hand, but I’ll be sure to look into it early next month. Failing that, Shimotsukei could be the person to ask next!

      • As the original source for that video I do have it. I’ve been thinking about posting it to my yt channel.

        • Turns out that I might only have the audio at the moment, so let us know if you do upload it somewhere 🙂

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