3 comments on “RR-ThermalForce – Eternalcanon (Sherkel remix)

  1. This got quite the initial reception! I was relieved about that considering who I was remixing, but didn’t feel right keeping it completely private either way. Now, how to follow this up is gonna be a tough question… I’d love to hear more tracks nowadays inspired by the overall spirit of NRGetic Romancer. I only have a concept of what that was thanks to recordings and reports from you and GULD, but since it disappeared a certain “impulsivity” seems to have faded from the scene and pushed it back into its infancy. (This crossed my mind when revising and deciding not to make certain sections longer, a good decision listening back.) Don’t know if anyone shares that take who actually went there, obviously.

    Do you still use the same email? It’s been a good few years since we really “talked”.

    • Same email, yup – I was thinking the same lately, a catchup’s long overdue.

      And I totally agree, as much as Romancer’s influences were pretty easy to trace, the event and the tracks that came out of it were something else…it was like stepping into another dimension and in my experience no other event has come close. My constant tinkering and reworking of my own tracks (and sets, I suppose) is for that reason, I’m trying to rediscover some of that attitude myself.

      It probably says it all that I could definitely imagine your remix being played to a great reception at Cube, so mission accomplished!

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