4 comments on “The Return of FINRG

  1. Heeere you are! And heeere’s a return of…the FINRG site?! This is looking good indeed. Decion + Horzi + Fight Club sounds like it should be the kind of track I used to love from the label. Been listening to lots of techno this year (as has Solvynt going by his Soundcloud follows), which should make for even more to look forward to. Didn’t know about that historical mix from 2001 either! (Anyone got it somewhere?)

    Discord, though, ugh…they could at least try to pick something more streamlined and functional, Listserv maybe. 😛 But if I must, maybe I can dig my teeth deep enough into my arm I don’t notice the pain.

    Anyhow, welcome back! I was incredibly relieved to see that last set come up, to say the least!

  2. Thanks again, muchly appreciated 🙂

    That’s such a good call re. the 2001 mix, surely it must be floating around somewhere. I’ll definitely be asking around. I’ve been hearing very good things from Decion and Horzi too, promising signs there for sure and bodes well for the FINRG relaunch.

    I know what you mean re. Discord, but it’s been so long since the FINRG crew were all in the same place that I’d take (almost) anything at this point!

  3. Good to see you back! Need to sort out Discord, have never really used it so haven’t got involved yet.

    • Belated thanks, had to approve this message so it was in limbo for a while! Nice to see you’ve made it to discord in the meantime 😀

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