5 comments on “Thanatos – Flashback (Purification Remix)

  1. That production is so clean in ways we never see nowadays…maybe it’s what other producers mean by “dry”? What an amazing piece it adds to as well! I had heard it before with my ears, but my brain had zoned out after Suge and Alabaster’s tracks. 😛

    And there is only one thing to say about the lead: “the deepest circle of hell is for betrayers and mutineers”! 😀

    Thank you both for another track to playspam as we wait out the worst part of the year. Good to hear more ideas for the March stream too.

  2. Cool tune! Never heard a freeform version of Flashback before. The original release I believe was produced by Alphazone and is one of my favourite trance releases. I can recommend the Ralph Novel Remix. 🙂

  3. Look at how many of us you managed to gather here! We should play strip poker…I mean, cards!

    Interesting to know about the Alphazone original, and about Flashbird. Can\’t say I fancy it much without that Silver Cube lead, though. Is it giving you two any mix ideas?

    By the way, this could have been one of those \”aishuu\” tracks you played at Hell\’s Gate, right? The kind of thing for when you have a fever but still are able to do everything normally. I\’ve stocked back up on DayQuil just in case I listen to this too much.

    (Now to get back to emails…)

  4. Sherkel – Haha we’ve suddenly got a party going on in here! Totally agree, it doesn’t sound much more Re-form than that..I’m convinced it would work well as an interlude in a less melodic set. You’re right, it absolutely would have been a Hell’s Gate track, but in those days I would fill the whole set with this kind of thing. Nowadays I’d probably switch it in for a track in the FINRG podcast, something like that.

    Labraska / Jambato – Thanks a lot for this, I obviously had no idea. Flashbird’s an interesting track even if I agree with Sherkel, but I really enjoyed the Ralph Novell mix. Nice heavy lead on that one, too 🙂

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