14 comments on “New Paokala/Alek Szahala tracks

  1. Blood from the ssssssSSSSSKYYYYYY!! I can already hear the main melody from just the mention. Dragon’s Breath got the (slightly) better update to me, for adding the weight you mentioned. It’s hard for me to listen to other producers these days, but the resurrection upon us is too exciting for me to care about that. Anyone hearing Babylon for the first time better be reading through this site now!

    • Something else I should have mentioned, thanks to you and Sphaera for the heads up – getting these as wavs is great indeed.

  2. Alek making a return is a very exciting! Blood from the Sky sounds great and I\’m looking forward to its release. I also love what he has uploaded so far; that Boulder Dash Remix in particular has gotten a good amount of listens from me last month. I really appreciate that he\’s uploading wavs, too!

    Fingers crossed that some long-awaited bits such as Starcrossed might finally see the light of day.

    • Just imagine if Starcrossed ever appears! It’s crossed my mind in the past to try a remix of what’s there in the preview, but I still don’t think I could even get close to the sounds in that WIP version.

    • The sliding thing in Origami Hearts reminded me of Starcrossed too. How about a release for the versions of Unicorn Grove and Aurinko in that set too, or all the others I’m forgetting? No way for an artist to know they’re worth posting unless someone says something! 😉

  3. It’s been pretty exciting to see Alek this active! Anyone got a discord invite for the FINRG discord? The one on their soundcloud page isn’t working for some reason. Would love to check the full version of Alek’s new track!

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