3 comments on “Top 3 Mixes of 2016

  1. I can only admire the diligence and taste with which Shimo put her mixes together, both in online streams and informal SC releases alike, especially in the hard music genre. Not to mention the energy put in Lucky Lotus and the (now) past year’s output, she is bound to become a great promoter of the freeform genre. Really, keep up the good work Shimo! :thump_up:

    1. Shimotsukei vs Plasmadancer LL6 Set
    2 . Shimotsukei – The Techno Shark Mix
    3. Alabaster – LL6 set

  2. I’ll have to go with you and Shimo’s LL6 set, Alabaster’s LL6 set, and GULD’s LL6 set, probably in that order. I really love how you, Shimo, and Solvynt all have those seamless transitions and structures now; I didn’t have a clue who did which part when I listened to your Lucky Lotus set live. I’m definitely biased in favor of artists doing mixes of all originals though, especially ones with such distinctive personal styles.

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