5 comments on “Top 3 Tracks of 2016

  1. 1. Einhander – Storm Coming
    2. Alabaster – Galaxy
    3. GULD – Perkele!

    Not a difficult choice for me, but I may have to try again using your rules! (Brionac would have probably taken the top spot had it not made such an impact in 2011 and every year since.)

  2. This is a super difficult list to do this year and keeping it to 3 is impossible…there’s 6 or 7 just from IPOS that are fairly difficult to choose between alone

    1. Nomic – Falling Star III
    2. Alabaster – Galaxy
    3. Kokomochi feat. 薛南 – AWAKE (Hyphen Remix)

    Special mention of
    DJ Sammy – Heaven 170Boot (KorsK )
    S.Percentage – Genesis Field
    OutPhase – quaser(OV-105,Endeavour Mix)
    daph + polysha – Psychic Formers
    Morita Yuuhei – The Ghost
    Marusha – Deep (Pain on Creation Remix)

  3. I’m super late to this, but here is my list:

    1. Nomic – Shattered [Rebuild Music]
    2. Alabaster – Galaxy [TYFTH]
    3. Einhander – Storm Coming [TYFTH]

    Honorable mentions:
    Substanced – Artificial Reality [Stamina]
    Marusha – Deep (Pain on Creation remix)
    Nomic – Falling Star part 3

    … and the rest of the TYFTH CD. 🙂

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