5 comments on “PlasmaDancer – Rest in the Light [Goa Trance]

  1. Nice oldschool vibes in this mix. Also interesting to hear some of the thought process behind the mix – it’s too easy to just assume the tracks are chosen randomly/impulsively otherwise.

  2. I think I had a preview of your mix in a stream. Glad to see you managed to release it, and I hope you will be able to churn out another mix before the year is over.

    I felt similar vibes from stuff from Pigs in Space (Solar, Visitors) and MFG (On Mars) while I was listening to your mix. I bet those would fit your dark goa aesthetics.

    • Funny you mention them, I was playing around with the Pigs in Space album a lot and both Solar and Visitors (1&2) almost made it in. I have a more melodic set in mind that might be able to use them one day. Ha, and well remembered, that intro was streamed once upon a time 🙂

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