2 comments on “Shimotsukei – Alek Szahala Mix

  1. Thanks for this! I kind of figured that mermaid/ngarnuuk and mohican/icy combos would be favorite of your’s as they were two of mine. Heaven N Hell and Comet Catcher I recall screwing up the timing of or something and I think Desagoon was a bit out of key. One thing that I could have been a bit more creative with is the mashup, but I wanted people to hear the majority of it so opted for a bit less interesting mixing with it. Most difficult part about doing these live is probably the chat as it’s quite easy to get distracted keeping up with people.

    My basis for the mixes has been keeping it around 2 hours max, no retakes, and trying to keep it different from the artists’ own mixes. So I’ve been trying to make the transitions more creative with the artist mixes after the initial nomic one, but with the circumstances… Alek’s stuff is intimidating even when familiar with the tracks, but I’d never actually mixed like half the tracks in the mix(same goes with most the artist mixes I’ve done) before so I decided to play it safe.

    It has been a really fun way to rediscover old tracks I’d forgotten about and not listened to in ages. I’ve also come up with some really interesting transitions I can make use of it in future sets. Some which I didn’t quite get right in these artist mixes, but ones I know will work.

    • I was expecting you to play most of Megabyrgium – after all you’d already put in the work on that one and would end up with some pretty meta mixing if the transitions went on for too long.

      Right, all the unexpected choices like Desagoon was something else I was meaning to mention. It shows how well you cope with chat and all the other twitch stuff that it’s genuinely hard to tell these artist sets were mixed live with little-to-no prep 🙂

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