4 comments on “Lab4 – Ascension remix competition

    • Something about the absurdity of it: after the social media promotion thingy, they send you a link to your mailbox, to a page inviting you to download a pdf file, with a link to the Dropbox folder inside it.
      Like, was it necessary to be that roundabout? Give me back my time you crooks.

      • Sorry Jambato, I didn’t realise your comment needed approval – and what a convoluted mess that sounds like. I hadn’t downloaded the files at the time of writing as the intial social media stuff irritated me more than it should have, or else I’d have been writing something similar.

        Dropbox link is much appreciated then 🙂

  1. I was really excited to give this a go at first, but my NRG hedgelord power seems to be at an all-time low…still running into writer’s block whenever I try to work on it. I also just realized it’s the label running the competition instead of Lab4…

    Oh well. Hopefully I’ll have something I like by the end of the month.

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