2 comments on “TYFTH Live 003, 13th January @19:00 JST

  1. The connections there really showed how much you’ve adopted from Alek’s mixing style. I don’t remember it that well right now sadly, but at least I won’t have to worry about that between the upload and the longer set.

    A question, though: how does finishing with something like Shinnae go in a club environment?

    • Interesting you noticed! I was trying to use my longer transitions as much as I could, with Alek-style shorter connections when the tracks wouldn’t allow it. Actually quite happy with how it sounded 🙂

      I’d love to finish a club set with Shinnae, but generally it’d be very risky I think – the only time I might try it would be to close out an entire event. Otherwise it could be a good interlude in the middle of a set, but at 120bpm the mixing would be tricky…

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