3 comments on “Betwixt & Between @TANO*C STREAM

  1. Oh, man, is this the one where he finishes with Tha Playah – My Misery? I felt like I suddenly understood him a lot more after seeing that one. Good to see this tidbit of history preserved, whether or not it’s that one.

    • Yeah, it’s that one.
      01. Jane Ephex – Angel
      02. Ophidian – Lost In The Forest
      03. Nitrogenetics – Driven By Fear
      04. Ruffneck & Nosferatu – A Forgotten Tune
      05. Sei2ure – Love From Hell
      06. Betwixt & Between – Surging
      07. Tha Playah – My Misery

      • Thanks for the tracklist! I wouldn’t have managed any of them, apart from Surging. And yes, I defintely know what you mean about that last track.

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