2 comments on “Zio – Hell’s Gate (PlasmaDancer remix)

  1. Soundcloud’s new interface is so confusing to me that I wouldn’t have noticed this if not for the Chinese crew. I think you could have gotten away with saying nothing! It goes without saying anyway that we all love this one, so it deserves proper availability like this. I know exactly what you mean about revising it killing motivation. There’s a huge dip in quality that happens whenever I spend too long on a track and it’s important to get the balance right. Plus it’s already done, so any new elements belong in a new track.

    (FINRG’s on S*****y now, huh…I guess exposure has a steep moral price. Anyone who listens to music without having the files themselves needs a hitman at their door this second!)

    • Belated agree 100%! Suffice to say I don’t use Spotify myself, and haven’t touched it since I did the necessary for FINRG reasons.

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