4 comments on “TYFTH Live 009, 6th February

  1. My long-awaited introduction to TYFTH’s new set has finally arrived!That’s a good sign,But I have to apologize for missing out on this high-quality livestream.

  2. First you post about my oct-31 mix on dec-25 and then this one on my birthday! You’ve got a knack for timing in more ways than one! So many bad memories with these tracks…that was constantly running through my head as the stream went on, until it was over and I was surprised I wasn’t bothered by that at all. The absolution factor helped this finally beat out In Praise of Shadows Disc 2 as my favorite set!

    I don’t know about the mic…doesn’t typing at a different screen take the same attention as talking would? I remember a Substanced set where he kept cutting in and it took away from the flow of it. He sounded so…human…it just didn’t work.

    • Happy Birthday for the 12th! Hope you had an excellent one. So glad you enjoyed the set that much, especially with one of your own in there too. Feeling the pressure to match it next time, now!

      Oh and thanks muchly for the thoughts on the mic. I’d actually come to the same conclusions myself, so it’ll be text only from me in the streams. I only had to think for a minute about which I’d prefer if I was the one listening, and of course an uninterrupted set is much, much better. Great point re. the human element too, it would really take away from the atmosphere. None of that then, I’ll just have to improve my typing speed instead 😀

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