4 comments on “Weirdo – Photic Zone (Lab4 & Transmortal remix)

  1. As far as I know, this remix was already in ytb in 2019, you can check it out here!

    But unfortunately there are still no download or purchase links here either,I really like this one, it’s a more modern NRG without some of the unpleasant millennial listening (by that I mean mastering and some of the “monotone” sounds). I would have liked to hear more new sounds from Les rather than some uninspired EDM using the Lab4 name, but in any case this remix is definitely one that makes people throw up their hands and shout in the scene!

    • Thanks for the link! Actually I saw the video already but I wasn’t a big fan and decided to use soundcloud instead! I agree, this would be such a good release, but I’ve since heard a little more information about the track and it doesn’t sound like a release is going to happen. I hope I’m wrong!

  2. I wrote this track with Les a long time ago, I absolutely love the original by weirdo, So I started putting together the remix, and because I’ve known Les for quite a long time I asked him if he would like to jump in on it with me? but unfortunately despite making a cracking remix I think Jon tin rib the owner of tin rib records wasn’t very welcoming, didn’t really make much sense in any kind of correspondence that we was trying to have with him, So we just decided to knock it out for free for anyone that really wanted it.. Which is a big shame because so many more people involved other than John but despite John having absolutely no say in the track whatsoever, however he has all the say in whether it gets released or not, which is quite a shame considering all of the hard work that went into it.

    • Thanks a lot for the extra info, I’ve been hearing bits of the story about this on the grapevine but it’s great to have it confirmed by you. It’s a massive shame for such a banger of a remix, and as I still hear the original in everything from goa trance to NRG sets your version deserves to get the same exposure. Guld actually played it at the Dark Dimension event here in Tokyo at the end of last month and the crowd went mad when they realised what it was 🙂

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