2 comments on “Olafur Arnalds – This Place Is A Shelter (Eryk Orpheus Unofficial Remix)

  1. This compared to @shimotsukei’s version is actually poles apart!! It’s the opening track to a mix removed from soundcloud. Shimo can surely recall which mix I’m refering to as it’s the only one with (well known to me) this Eryk Orpheus remix. The post-breakdown lead fills the void pointed out. I’ve uploaded the mix to my one drive so I can share this BANGER. My first listen to Betwixt & Between – The gates of the silver key was on here, and from thereon it’s total carnage!!! A really well constructed mix with pioneer transitions which I won’t run through the tracklist and kill the essence as my word will just be a blabber.


    If sharing this is actually an issue I apologize, it was shared with clean intent.

    • Thanks a lot Imran ๐Ÿ™‚ I was talking to Shimo about this recently and she said the same about how different the track was – I didn’t expect the post-breakdown to change so much, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. It’s in a different key as well, so all kinds of changes from the version up on soundcloud.

      Probably best if we run it by Shimo whether it’s ok to be online again, but I’d be happy to give the whole set a relisten after so long!

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