6 comments on “Betwixt & Between – Live @Nrgetic Romancer, 20th August 2005

  1. It’s nothing short of incredible that this was preserved and uploaded. This is a one-of-a-kind landmark in freeform history.

  2. Anyone have it for download? I have very little time to listen to music other than to and from work at the min 🙁

  3. Suncore
    Sneaky off-topic mix plug there, but I’ll have a listen for sure 😉

    You’re absolutely right, I’m so happy to hear it again – and to answer Chip, I have it on an old mp3 player somewhere that went missing a long time ago. If/when that reappears it’ll go online, but until then we’re relying on someone else. Maybe Matthew could help?

  4. DY
    Thank you..! I should have paid more attention at the time, but great job on rescuing it – shame about the lower quality, but bearing in mind when it was originally uploaded that might be the best we’re going to get.

    I’ve now uploaded it myself and will add a link to the main post. Thanks again!

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