3 comments on “Top 3 Mixes of 2015

  1. 1- Alek Szahala – Live @ CODEX5, Tokyo 2015
    Didn’t like the alanamra remix, but asides from that it’s a really impressive set
    2. Lucky Lotus 5 – Plasmadancer
    Love the overall dark atmosphere of the set with the light ending. supriya->freeform mercury is one of my fav line ups
    3. Freeformaniacs Round 18 – Substanced
    Great compilation of the finish freeform scene in general.

    Other sets I’ve been listening a lot to:
    Both the freeformaniac and Lucky lotus 5 set of solvynt.
    Dark Alternative by PD.
    Snowy Festival by Le-dos-on and Shimo.
    Xmix set by substanced.

  2. I’m pretty late because I totally forgot about this, sorry… but here are my picks of 2015.

    1. PD & Guld – HSB2015
    I really enjoyed GULD’s showcase of his new projects and the connections from Jon’s side are very good.

    2. PD – Lucky Lotus 5
    Impressive track selection and some pretty awesome connections. My favorite is “Fall 4 You” -> “Superstition” and the usage of “Ghost City” with “Model of Reality.” Well done.

    3. Alek Szahala @ CODEX5
    A very nice showcase of some of his best work, with some new material. “Fuji” is incredible…! I can’t wait to hear the final version. 🙂

    Honorable mentions:
    PD – Dark Alternative
    Shimotsukei – Lucky Lotus 5
    Alchemiist – Lucky Lotus 5

    And thanks Jon… I’m glad you enjoyed my Lucky Lotus 5 set! 🙂

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