8 comments on “Orfeus – Live @NRGetic Romancer, 30th October 2004

  1. I did a quick listen through for now… I’ll listen again when I have more time, but here’s a little list to get us started:
    00:00 – PoC & Orfeus – Intro (uses parts from a very early prototype of PoC & Orfeus – The Sanctuary)
    1:27 – 8:30 – Flatus*?

    19:54 – Epilim – Rapid Fire

    ~30:30 – 35:09 – Flatus* – Cloaca

    45:25 – Alek Szahala – Chimaera
    51:20 – Epilim – Plasma
    56:20 – RX – Uprising
    1:03:16 – Epilim Desert Eagle

    (*Flatus is Orfeus & Galrav & Jarno/one half of PoC)
    Thank you for the upload. 🙂

    • Possible correction to my initial comment:
      1:27 – 8:30 – Proteus – Evil Queen

      Well, I think anyway… the MP3 I have is labeled as that and I’m having trouble finding the track on Google.

  2. What an effort, thanks gents 🙂

    SteTN, I think you’re right about Fuck You, though it sounds to me like part of The Kraken is also in there before Epilim…I’ll add both to the WIP tracklist but will be happy to stand corrected.

    Thanks Solvynt for all the info on the rest! I think that’s the first I’ve ever heard of Flatus (I mistakenly thought Cloaca was a PoC track), while my guess for 1:27 – 8:30 was an early Proteus track too, the percussion sounds very Venla.

    I’ve almost definitely heard 25:07 – 30:30 somewhere before, maybe a Guld set at Romancer.

  3. After 8:30 is Captain Tinrib & Karim – Let The Groove Move
    aaaand after Rapid Fire, there goes Tickle & Sayber – Nemesis.
    35:09 must be Lab 4 – Reformation II (OD 404 mix), im not too sure if its the OD 404 remix.
    DAMN! I dont know the name of the track after Reformation. I know i have heard it several times. And im not too sure if i have it somewhere, wont promise anything for this one.

    Big thanks for the upload!

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