5 comments on “PlasmaDancer – FINRG Podcast 006

  1. I’m amused we’ve both done sets at about the same time with Godd as a bit of a center focus lol

    • Ha, I know…thought the same thing when I saw your tracklist. Both playing a lot of Tyranoid and Strongstream lately!

  2. This is so intense! I’m especially partial to the opening section (I had never heard The Game before!) and always unexpectedly amazed by how you (Shimo and Solvynt too) manage to get more originality out of such old tracks. I’m with you about the “strangeness” that the greats would create with their personalized and expressive styles; it’s probably why I still use Khaotic Dimension as a primary reference. Obviously it was great to hear Alabaster’s remix of Awakening too. Do you know if he’s still planning to release it?

  3. I have been looking back at the Re-Form Smiling Corpse podcast, and I was wondering if the track id after Punishment would be Dark Secrets instead of Intro?

    • Nevermind, I wrote this as I was actually listening. Sorry for the spam. The flow of Intro is rather strange for a supposedly introduction.

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