2 comments on “Risa – Hard NRG mix

  1. NRG is one of the easiest genres to mix, while freeform is one of the hardest? …Count me in as confused; I must still not know the difference! I’ll probably need a handful more years on me before I can really appreciate this production style, but seeing another active name taking inspiration from early producers is only ever a good thing.

    (A quick note: you linked Unknown Kill at the top again instead of the mix!)

    • Argh, thanks for letting me know…I even double checked the post after submitting so I must really have been away with the fairies that day.

      I meant more that this hard housey style of NRG is easy to mix, the basslines are hard to hear and they all have a very similar structure. Guld or Proteus’ tracks are a difficulty level higher, that’s for sure!

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