3 comments on “16 Years of FINRG

  1. Downshifter and Cybernetics have really got it going on! I’m on the fence about the rest: Purify would probably be my favorite of the previews if not for the post-breakdown section, and Sanctuary Infested sounds too much like “Nomic but without Nomic”…I’ll keep my hype in check, but Cyrez making a return to form is good news in any case.

    • I have to agree with you re. Sanctuary Infested, but polaritia’s getting closer than anyone and that’s an achievement! The piano’s always the make or break element, isn’t it?

      Fuji’s still to come of course, and even if it’s not the Alek of old I’ll be very glad to see that getting a release.

      • I didn’t especially notice the difference in the piano use compared to the synths; that slightly-gritty Nomic sound always added a lot to the emotion in his tracks for me. I think one of the main obstacles new producers face (and will continue to face) is finding a sound that’s characteristic of them or at least unique to their style rather than straight out of the box, something I’m realizing more and more I took for granted about the Finnish and Japanese pioneers…you’re right that he’s come close to a sound we all love, so it might only be a matter or time before we see some new elements that put him at the top of the current scene.

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