5 comments on “Hedonistik Ritual – FINRG PODCAST 012

  1. Hearing Fear the Fire again, I’m noticing how much I like it. As much as we’ve been lauding Polaritia as a Nomic successor, maybe it’s best to see that influence as a short stage that ended up playing into the rest, like Betwixt’s more directly Alek-influenced phase. His tracks are really taking on a style of their own. The same goes for Hedonistik’s own ones, I’m seeing! I definitely wouldn’t mind a solo release from him sometime (considering how much I seem to dislike most compilations). Having tried mixing a little again, I quickly remembered how hard it was to do transitions like this too. Even if you think know exactly how it will sound after the right adjustments, stuff like differing section lengths and mismatching highs quickly get in the way… Hyphen’s Red and White remix (whatever he settles on calling it) is still one of my favorites since the name change, so with strong and sufficiently underheard selections and smooth transitions, this is a great example of an effective set.

    • Sorry for another late reply Sherkel! I’d probably agree with you re. polaritia, although I’m still not getting too much of an Alek feel apart from some of the sounds used. Nice to hear the Nomic+ style that he seems to be working on these days, definitely.

      Yes, it only takes a little bit of mixing experience to realise how hard some of these sets have been to put together. Makes it all the more impressive when someone nails it, like HR did here. I’m going to have to rummage for that Hyphen remix by the way, don’t think I’ve heard that yet…

  2. I’ve only just seen this amazing review and I’m firstly delighted the mix was so well appreciated and also grateful for the kind words! Certainly being offered the chance to officially join my favourite label was inspiration alone, but also the mix is in line with the style I like to play in my sets if I can. Mixing Japanese, Finnish and UK styles together to create a journey is a challenge but with the right combination offers the opportunity to really mix it up and prevent any monotony. I’m pleased to have got a good balance for this one! Thanks again!!

    • Was a pleasure to give this a proper shout, just sorry I hadn’t mentioned it sooner! The balance really was spot on, can’t wait to hear more along these lines 🙂

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