3 comments on “hardrng – Freeform Mix #3

  1. Thank you for the kind words!
    It is quite an honor to be featured for the first ever on a TYFTH blog entry, on my birthday no less.

    I had various inspirations for that mix, aside from your advice on mix construction which I found
    quite enlightening, and past mixes (namely, Solvynt and Dyzphasia’s Lucky Lotus sets).

    If it was only up to me though, I would like to try making things a little crazier, not unlike your finale in your joint LL8 mix with Shimo.

    I have loads of ideas on a little notebook I want to try out, and your review gave me the push I needed to keep things going.
    I also want to try to mix some other genres as well (hard trance/hard house, goa, industrial techno), the jump may be frightening, but I need to challenge myself and go forward!

    Another trick I seem to have stumbled upon: there is a need to be seen and noticed (even if you feel modest
    and ashamed about promotion), and by showing your work,
    you can influence the people around you, who then increases the likelihood of them pushing some work,
    which in turn inspires you, in some sort of virtuous circle.

    So it is my hope that my work will keep the Horsers’ interest in freeform alive in some way.
    The mix is available as a download, but I don’t intend to keep other mixes on SC for very long. I intended that space more for showing off my mix practice and I don’t have any particular attachment to those mixes, so the older ones will disappear on a rolling basis. However, if you think this is worthwhile, feel free to archive them!

    • A pleasure, and belated happy birthday!

      As you know, I love hearing about how sets have been put together, so thanks for all of that. Making things crazier is easier said than done depending on the set – personally I find it tough in an hour. Shimo usually seems to manage though, so she’s the one to really look to for ideas. Our LL set was that bit longer of course, which makes it orders of magnitude easier…

      I’d absolutely recommend trying some other genres, as you might find a style of mixing that clicks with you and can be transferred across to freeform.

      On your final point, that’s so timely as I’ve been thinking about exactly the same thing recently. The more sets we can get out there the better and I already have some ideas along those lines. I’m also going to take that to heart with the tracks themselves, so I’ll be subjecting everyone to some of my own productions before too long in the hope it’ll inspire others.

      Good luck with the next set 😀

    • That is a good point about promotion. It’s kept me trying to think in vain for a while…in the end I don’t want to be known for something I truly care about, but I do want more to listen to from others, which is what’s kept me wanting to produce. My main comfort with Shibilant stuff is that I know nobody listens to it, and I throw away experiments on netlabels because I don’t listen to them. Enough about me, but I keep on putting this set off. The tracklist and reception are signs you’re on the right track. As usual, it seems like a less embittered Shimo/Plasma/Solvynt selection (sweatdrop). I’d like for these to gain some TYFTH exposure from potential producers, and will of course see if anything comes to mind when I check it out.

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