4 comments on “Ri-nergy – Promo MIX

  1. This one, right? https://soundcloud.com/risanrg/promo-mix
    It’s quite the piece of work! My interest in this type of music has temporarily zeroed out, but the first breakdown brought me right back to my first heavy exposure to Nomic in the blizzards of Rochester. With the followup of the no-nonsense synths in the next few tracks, this feeling could already haunt me all weekend! 😀
    Android Lime came back onto the map by the way! No new productions, but some old sets with at least one DJ-X tune I didn’t recognize.
    (Left you hanging, huh? Glad I misclicked my way here today!)

    • Funny, I felt much the same way when I heard this set – so nice to hear this style being done well! Definitely worth repeated listening to a few of these tracks.

      I saw that some Android sets have reappeared! Great news, I lost the recordings a long time ago. I’d love to hear what he could come up with these days.

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