6 comments on “Exemia – GUNVEIN (OST)

  1. How does Exemia keep coming up with so much stuff?! Could it be he actually LIKES production? Nah…
    What a nice selection of music, anyhow. Venom Hell may be my favorite from the initial skim for its Karous-like feel. As a non-DJ I very much like that they get to the point without wasting time, especially Exhaled Heaven.
    (By the way, I see your GG Aleste 3 and raise you one 100th Black Market.)

    • Right, getting straight to the point is something I love about all of Exemia’s tracks! Trying to mix a 3 minute long track is where the problems start… As a standalone listen though, the OST works a lot better than I expected, a really nice listen.

      Good call on 100th Black Market by the way, but genius though ZUN might be I’m personally not a fan of Touhou music (freeform versions aside). And anyway, it was hard for me to look past Manabu Namiki doing miracles with the Game Gear!

        • When it comes to GGA3 you can feel the inspiration flowing from everyone involved! Those visuals are outrageous too, especially after playing the GG games in sequence like I did 🙂

    • It was my pleasure! You did such a great job, I’ve seen so many of the Gunvein reviews talking about the banger soundtrack 😀

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