2 comments on “PlasmaDancer – Dark NRG

  1. So you also make DJ mixes for your own listening pleasure? I get where you come from, considering I have been doing the same I guess
    I am reminded of the approach to blogging + mixing taken by Pearsall from Sonic Rampage, but I am not aware of any other personality that does the same. I do guess it gets stale to be nostalgic about the good old days over and over again, plus life gets in the way…

    • Absolutely, I think most DJs I’ve met do the same – we’re just lucky that enough people share our taste in tunes for us to play out at events and the like. Especially these days, there aren’t many other DJs who’ll select this kind of tracklist so I still have to do it myself (even if this one was a bit of an experiment).

      And you’re right, this post was very Pearsall 🙂 In posts like this it’s helpful for my own sake to set out what I was trying to do and how succesful I was, but hopefully it’s of interest to others too.

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