2 comments on “RebalLance – NRG and I

  1. It’s a big surprise for me! Thanks for your recommending.
    And, I remembered the reason I made this mix was just to add the absence to my mix, after I heard FINRG ALLSTARS again..again. I liked absence’s atmosphere, and I thought it maybe a nice intro to give listeners a alek’s dark feeling, but like you say, Absence – why – Tankobu combo not really working out. (in fact, I was not satisfied with this combo when I tried the combination)

    al Megiddo – Nue Messiah is absolutely your idea. Lush Epyx&Cyrez RMX to al Megiddo, I think al Megiddo maybe a nice match with PoC’s track and I want to create higher power, al Megiddo – Nue Messiah is absolutely your idea, It’s a short parody of your Yamanote no Oto.

    Actually, I wanted to do Fortuna – Mohicans as an ending, but because of the longer Break in the middle of Fortuna, I felt it would be a bit too much of a break to pick up Mohicans in the back, so I thought I’d add a track to give a nrg transition into to Mohicans in the middle, and Man Eaten was found, also had great dark alek’s atmosphere, giving me enough energy to embrace the epic ending of this set!

    • Sorry for such a late reply, but I enjoyed hearing your thinking behind the set! I’d call the Nue Messiah – al Megiddo section a reference not a parody, it sounds great and I appreciate it a lot.

      It sounds like you might the right decision at the end of the set, it worked out great. Looking forward to your next one (and I still have to check out the set from mastodon, too!).

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