3 comments on “PlasmaDancer – TYFTH Live 011, 25th February 2024

  1. Looked into the Zoonoodle track a bit and it turns out the official title is 掴 after all. https://soundcloud.com/siromaru460/crossfade-demo-for-c82

    I’d say its best get music info directly from the source whenever you can, such as the original Kreatrix credits on the Electronica Exposed site. CD “metadata” is generally pulled from Discogs or a similar third-party database. Apparently audio CDs can store some kind of text but this isn’t usually accessed.

    Lots more greater things to say about the set, of course, with all its surprises at every turn and knowing when to leave a track on for longer. For now, may as well get this out of the way first before FINRG reposts it!

    • Thanks Sherkel, really appreciate the effort to get a better answer. It’s still slightly mysterious where that CD info came from, but that aside it seems that I’m the one to misread the album’s chaotic font.

      I’ll get on the case to change the tracklist right away!

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