Slowly getting around to some more Lucky Lotus sets, including this one from Shimotsukei that’s been a pretty regular listen for me over the past few weeks. Another Shimotsukei set that really effectively mixes freeform with a few other genres, this is definitely recommended if you’re after something out of the ordinary.

The first third is probably the most conventional, with some hard dance from Ultraform, Adam Lab 4 etc. keeping the melodies straightforward and danceable, before Mermaid signals some familar freeform. Look out for some classic tracks from Druggy’s Acid Rack, then a superb Betwixt & Between sequence of Broken Visage and Hydra.

This is without a doubt the best example so far of Shimotsukei incorporating demented dark psy into his sets, and the transition from Hydra into Breaking Point is very close to seamless. Such a smooth flow seems to make a crucial difference, as this time around I found myself buying into the change in atmosphere much more readily. There’s no let up as the set hurtles into the finale, but it’s a hugely enjoyable ride of the kind only Shimotsukei seems to be creating at the moment.

01. Modulate – Hard & Dirty (A.D.A.M. Lab4 Mix) [Infacted Recordings]
02. Ultraform – Music Is Movin’ [Ultraform Productions KB]
03. Ultraform – Sense Your Mind [Ultraform Productions KB]
04. Alek Száhala – Mermaid [FINRG]
05. Le Dos-on – Benetnasch [Solidbox Records]
06. Ark-Z – lunatic satelite [Druggy’s Acid RacK]
07. LV.4 – Angel dust [Druggy’s Acid RacK]
08. Betwixt & Between – Broken Visage [Cis-Trance/東方カーニバル]
09. Betwixt & Between – Hydra (Long Edit) [Hardcore Tano*C]
10. CinderVOMIT Ft Luuli – Breaking Point [Horrordelic]
11. Junxpunx – Ruten [Osom Music]
12. CinderVOMIT – Distorted Visual Depth Perception [Horrordelic]
13. Junxpunx – Neomeow [Osom Music]

PlasmaDancer – Together by Plasmadancer on Mixcloud

Seems like most of the posts that come to mind right now will take a while to write, and as there’s all sorts of other stuff I should be doing (Freeformaniacs next week, remember) things might be a bit quiet here.

For now here’s that intelligent drum and bass set I’ve been talking about – very similar to the ustream version, but with a few tweaks and now finally online at mixcloud. This was obviously something of a labour of love (my first ever full-length dnb mix, in fact), and while it has its problems I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Humour me, then, while I run through a few of the tracks and the thinking behind the set.

So Long happens to be one of my all time favourite tunes, but has always struck me as a hard one to mix. As a challenge I decided to use it first, but opening with those ever-wonderful melodies and amens gave me the perfect atmospheric, bitter-sweet base to work from. You’ll notice a couple of Future Loop Foundation tracks in the first half – I’d say he’s one of the most underrated artists in intelligent dnb, and is actually responsible for another big, big favourite, Discovery. I couldn’t fit it into this set, but I Want to Believe and Spirit Catcher both feature that deep, melodic FLF style that echoes some of the more thoughtful 1992-1994 hardcore and jungle.

That connection from Sensory Elements was one of the toughest in the set, as I’d decided early on that I wanted to ‘deepen up’ SE with some pads in the final section. Anyone who’s mixed this stuff knows that finding tunes in the same key is a rare thing indeed, but after plenty of work I was very satisfied with my choice of Spirit Catcher. Incidentally, it’s worth mentioning that the sparseness of Sensory Elements arrives sooner in the set than I had planned – there was originally one more ‘pads and atmosphere’ track after IWtB, but it was just out of key enough for me to scrap it. Frankly I couldn’t face however long it was going to take to find a replacement, and lazily shunted everything else ‘up’ one place instead.

From halfway the problems with the stucture are a bit more obvious as the set meanders from one style to another, but I was glad to get in at least one PFM classic in The Mystics. Language of Love would have been the only ‘filler’ tune in the set, but I dispensed with the incredibly dull central section and just used the final third (which, helpfully, is pretty easy to mix). After things got a little too ‘realistic’ with LoL and Passage to India I wanted to get back to the spirit of the intelligent sound with the final four tracks. I think they work well, tied together by Shogun’s tracks and a very long transition between the In Too Deep remix and Jonny L’s beautiful Underwater Communication. As for Shogun himself, he was surely one of the finest producers of the time – Together brings back all sorts of memories while Nautilus is my final tribute to LTJ Bukem’s The Rebirth, the set that first inspired me to DJ.

Together is such a special track for me that I decided to fade out at that point. It’s a nice feeling to have finished my first set, 20 years after hearing these tunes – and after plenty of discogs trawling I now have more than enough material (including some rarer tracks) for another mix. That might happen eventually, but for now it’s back to 2014 and some more freeform set preparation.

A quick post here, to give a few recent mixes a well-deserved mention:

Cuedy – Freeformaniacs Round 15

Some trademark melodic freeform here from Cuedy – it might not match his best efforts from last year, but stick with the whole set for some predictably great connections.


Nemes – Freeformaniacs Round 15

A welcome return for a veteran of the Finnish scene. Nemes’ set doesn’t always mesh the old and new too comfortably, but the fabulous first half makes this one very worth checking out.

7Sins – Electronic Kingdom mix

Anyone who misses the Galrav/Orfeus style of twisted, melancholy DJ set will surely enjoy the first half of 7Sins’ mix, though there’s lots to like in the melodic second half, too.



NRG fans should probably mark October 23rd in their diaries, as that’s when BRK’s first full-length album will finally be touching down. Thanks to the man himself I’ve got hold of it a little early – it’s a really quality collection of tracks that definitely confirms the progress he’s made over the past year.

The album starts off with the title track Genesis, an utterly fantastic 3 minutes of dark atmosphere. It might be odd to choose an intro as my favourite track, but it’s a brilliant piece of work and a very worthy start to the album. The meat of the tracklist is of course Lab 4-influenced NRG, given some really nice extra touches with the collabs later on. Standouts for me might be the FINRG-released Rome Will Burn Down, the pounding intro to Pitch Black and the lovely filters of Saint Evil, but there’s also some welcome variety with the piano sequence in Something I Can’t Do and the vocals of Love’s a Bitch.

Great to see Heathen involved in trademark style on Everything Dies, before the album closes with a couple of minutes of downtempo, melancholy piano. Minimal but atmospheric, it’s a nice way to end things and actually clocks around 80bpm, raising the possibility of some interesting mixes in an NRG set.

This is essential stuff for any NRG fan, then, and a big achievement by BRK after all his hard work. Be sure to support a real trooper of our scene by checking this out in a couple of weeks time.


Epyx & Cyrez fans are having a right old week, finishing in fine style with the long-awaited release of All of Us. A very versatile tune, it’s been a fixture in Guld’s sets (and mine, come to think of it) for almost a couple of years, working nicely with freeform or NRG. This is one of those Facebook-related promotions though, so follow this link to the E&C page to get access to the tune. 

It’s finally time for a look back at 10 Years of FINRG and my escapades in Finland and the UK – part of the reason for this write-up’s massive delay is the difficulty of doing justice to what was an utterly stupendous trip from start to finish. This might well be a long one (and in fact is version 3 of the post), but feel free to skip through to the event section where you’ll find my tracklist and a few other bits and pieces of behind the scenes-related stuff.

Important edit: Apologies to Raver71 for not crediting his photo of the Senssi decor. Check here for his awesome album from the night, and click here for the equally great Sessions2 photos, where you’ll find me looking especially psychopathic.

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Yes indeed, this week’s announcement is the return of free tunes on TYFTH, after being cryogenically frozen for a year or so. I’m really happy that the account is alive again, but things have obviously changed a lot in the scene since it first started. These days there are plenty of labels doing a very professional job of releasing new music for free, and so my original ambitious plans have been scaled back – that particular Horse has long since bolted.

I reckon there’s still a place for tunes on TYFTH though, and from now on the SoundCloud will hopefully be performing two main roles. The first is to be a place for up-and-coming producers to get some extra publicity – the account already has quite a decent following, which now combines with infinite downloads and strength in numbers among all the other free tunes, making it a nice stepping stone to the ‘real’ labels for new artists. The second role is to make some older tracks available that otherwise would be forgotten, starting tonight with the excellent Whipped remix/mashup.

It should be clear already, but the account absolutely isn’t meant as a competitor to any of the other free labels out there, rather as a ‘training ground’ before making the step up to better things/an archive for older material. That doesn’t mean the tracks won’t be worth listening to, as I’ll be aiming to keep the standard high, even if it’ll be significantly lowered by any of my own tunes that end up there.

Many thanks to Tyranoid & Strongstream for starting us off again with Whipped, a slightly edited mashup with the Substanced remix from many years ago. I have a few other tracks that were originally submitted back when the account went into hibernation, so there’ll be one or two of them going online every day or so next week. After that it’ll be dependent on submissions, so do feel free to get in touch if you think you might have something that fits the rambling description above.

The SADE Tour is now underway, and the first event was held last weekend at Senssi Lahti. I would have given anything to be there, especially as Nomic was one of the headliners. Unfortunately he was finishing things on the second stage rather than taking his rightful place on the main floor, but still it’s great to see him back among the big events. Other highlights on the second stage were Decion, Brothers In Techno and a particularly animated Substanced. There are snippets of every DJ in the video below.

Over on the main stage, the SADE all-stars look to have done the business, and thanks to saunatonttu78 we’ve got a nice 23 minute video from the set. Also fantastic to see Tyranoid & Strongstream playing – they were probably the perfect fit for this event, as were Heathen and Rx with their NRG set.

This will be the last post before I head off to Helsinki tomorrow – sorry I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked this past week, but predictably I underestimated how much time it would take to plan a set as well as my month-long trip. I’ll be posting again from Finland/the UK, but until then, big thanks to everyone for their Hybridize track suggestions, and I hope to bump into a few Horsers this weekend!